Supply Chain

Philippe Hemard had the chance to learn from a company where Logistic and Supply Chain were at the heart of the business and a cornerstone of business model. It now feels natural to him, however he realized that this is not the case everywhere, yet. The founder of PHC believes that he can help in bringing the culture, mindset, way of thinking to other organizations, to make a real difference in the way they serve and delight customers.

Philippe was one of the architects of the European construction of the world fastest growing Network design and Customer enhancement. He shaped the organization and hired hundreds of talented individuals in operations management, project management, data analytic and people management to build the supply chain that delights customers everyday now. 

The world is changing, there is no other option than to change as fast or even faster. Don’t wait to be reminded by your customers that you do not offer the service or the product they want. Innovate, change quickly based on data and keep focusing on delivering excellence in what you do. If you do not know how to do it, PHC can help you adapt your strategy, your organisation and your culture to achieve this goal.


Customers should be at the middle of everything you do. You should always think like a customer when you want to understand what they want. You should think a like specialist, of whatever domain you are in, when you want to give them advice.


People are the best and most valuable asset of your company. You should spend a lot of time in building the proper organisation with the right people. Attract and retain very talented people are consuming a lot of time and energy but gives you the best return of any investment. 


Only one thing is constant, the fact that you have to change. Doing the same over and over again is the guarantee to not be adapted overtime as the world is changing around you. Changing is difficult and it need to be embedded in you culture because it’s not natural people behavior. It’s easier to stay in the confort of what you know than exploring new ways of doing. But by far, changing is the most rewarding.


Innovation is necessary in order to change in a way that nobody has done so far and give you the chance to get the best output. Innovation brings engagement and motivation within your team. To delight customers, you need to innovate on their behalf.